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screen; 13";


c o n c e p t

horoscope-bot based on coffee-grounds

k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

playful rituals; minimalist aesthetics; 


p r o c e s s

While making coffee in the morning I had the idea to use an image of the leftover coffee ground to predict a horoscope. I remembered a german expression that can be roughly translated as "reading the coffee grounds" and researched the origins of that technique: According to wikipedia, there exists a traditional form of specialized horoscope prediction in Europe based on coffee grounds, tea leaves and wine sediments called "tasseography" that can be traced back to medieval times. To automate the whole process of taking an image with a webcam, analyzing the image values and mapping them to horoscopes I decided to use p5js for a quick prototype. I found a Tarot-JSON file that seemed a perfect match for the task: It had different ranks for each card with an integer value that I could map to the overall image brightness of an image - and (not very seriously) "predict" a horoscope. I had a few issues with the JSON data, but finally managed to map all values to corresponding cards. The fortune-telling sentence then gets displayed on the screen.

After finishing the code I worked on the graphics - I kept them minimal and dark to keep a "coffee roaster feeling" - with a bit of a Williamsburg hipster touch.