clay, plexiglass, camera, artificial intelligence,
raspberry pi, screen, code; 420x220x185 mm; 2 weeks;
2017 - work for ctm vorspiel/transmediale berlin 2017


c o n c e p t

Generating philosophy with your hands and clay.
The clay is the body, the neural networks as artificially intelligent systems the brain of a new entity.


k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

tactility, subconscious interaction, communication,


p r o c e s s

Clay as a tactile and natural medium is used as an interface with two neural networks. The hands form the clay, a camera takes an image of the clay shape and the image gets analyzed by a neural network that tries to identify the content of the image. Those contents serve as seed for a neural network trained on philosophy which is generating a quote based on the clay. I trained the artificial intelligence on 8 works of metaphysics from Aristotle to Russel over the course of one week on a google-cloud server. Then it was able to generate philosophy on its own - sometimes still with uncertainties in grammar. For the exhibition setting I chose modeling plasticine instead of natural clay as it is cleaner to use for the audience when they are shaping it.