wood, felt, cardboard, stainless steel, code;

interactive sculpture; 3x4ft (knob), 3ft (pedestal);
collaboration with Anthony Bui & Brandon Newberg for ITP Winter Show New York 2017


c o n c e p t

1000 rotations clockwise with a giant knob turn on a small LED on day 1 of the performance, 1000 rotations counter-clockwise turn it off the day after;


k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

oversizing interactions in scale and time; tactile participatory sculptures; delayed gratification;


p r o c e s s

After a lot of iterations on the concept of turning a giant knob we settled for the delayed gratification model of turning on/off an LED over the course of two days.

On a separate iPad screen running a webpage the audience could keep track of the number of rotations. The direction of the rotation for the day was printed on a simple black foam-board suspended from the ceiling.

We felt that this scaling of the interaction itself was a natural fit to the scaling of the knob: Not only the physical scale changed but as well the procedural. This focused the perception of the audience stronger on the core of the concept: to enjoy an interaction for the sake of the interaction itself - to invoke a meditative and communal state of action as the knob is usually turned with a group of people. An interaction can create a meaningful and satisfying experience as interaction itself when it helps creating a sense of belonging and community - even without an instant gratification or a short term purpose.