plywood, concrete, water, brush, artificial intelligence, raspberry pi, screen, speakers, code;
185x159x100 cm; 2016



c o n c e p t

n_o_m / names of the mediterranean is an interactive installation to raise awareness for refugees drowning while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
The audience writes a generated name with water on a concrete wall and sees it disappearing while wave sounds in the background get louder and louder.


k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

interacting social issues, awareness, compassion, emotion


p r o c e s s

Names of the mediterranean is a very personal piece and concept that helped me to process the human tragedy at our doorsteps. I trained a neural network on 20 000 names and built a sparse and cold setup: I tried to keep it as simple as possible so that distractions from the contrast of disappearing names and intensifying wave sounds are minimized. Water as a painting/writing material is used metaphorically in the context of drowning, the names that get generated live by a neural network on a server are unique and therefore not repetitive. The orange rope reminds of abandoned life-vests. The intended emotions for the viewer / installation participant are initially negative and change later to compassion.