foam, synthetic fabric, servo, pulse sensor, code;
344x344x129 mm; 2 weeks; 2017


c o n c e pt

With õhk, a user can feel his or her partner breathing, even when he or she is away. The partners pulse gets transmitted to a smart-pillow and translated into a breathing motion in real-time.


k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

connection, emotion, tactility, motion


p r o c e s s

This project started as an investigation into possible IoT driven user interfaces of the future. A fellow student was telling me about his long-distance relationship and how he misses feeling his partner breathing, as this calmed him down and made it easier for him to fall asleep. As I was experimenting at that time with a sitable / walkable “breathing” public sculpture that should resemble the pulse of a smart city based on the data generated by the households, I had the idea to build a pillow that runs the same code underneath as the sculpture - but is based on the real pulserate of my classmates partner via wi . I chose a servo for moving the pillow up and down as it seemed to be the quickest and most organic way. Both frequency and length of the breathing depend on the incoming pulse data and change with a delay of 1 second. The design of the pillow is very basic and will be enhanced in the future: laser-cut felt is the material that will be used for prototype 2.