paper | jam

stop-motion animation; 13";
collaboration with Lucas Chung & Hye-Ryeong Shin, 2017


c o n c e p t

A piece of paper gets folded against its own will, resists the folding and finally fights its oppressor, a hand.


k e y  p r i n c i p l e s

storytelling; tactility; bare material properties; stop-motion; 


p r o c e s s

We used Dragonframe as software, a Canon Mark II 5D with a zoom lens as camera and two fluorescent barndoor light panels angled on two opposite sides of the canvas for our photography setup.

The sound was recorded in post with a Blue Snowball microphone in Adobe Audition, assembled and edited in Premiere Pro. 

The materials appearing in the animation are a white foam-core baseplate as background and a blank white index-card.

After a first ideation meeting, we experimented with the initial setup of camera and lights for about 3-4 hours, the final shooting took another 4-5 hours. Recording and editing was finished after about 2 hours.