I got a few things in PCOMP and ICM I am playing with at the moment and would like to take further:

- KI: virtual bonsai (open in safari, chrome wrecks the script ...) living on the screen, needs to be watered with real water to grow

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.41.53 PM.png


- KOI: virtual Koi living on the screen (somehow a theme here), his pond can be made bigger with more screens put together (using openCV for screen location detection?) - it will cross the screens OR the audience can open the sketch on their phones, put their phones on special floats and let their virtual Kois swim in a real pond (koi-phone-swarm). For the latter version I would need to control a gentle current in the water to keep the phone-Kois floating. 

- ELEVATOR PITCH: 2 X 8266 modules with gyro-sensors located in the 2 ITP elevators create music together (maybe seeding that into tensorflow magenta for more variation), pitch is matched to the floor number.


I am experimenting with autonomous cuneiform generation with a DCGAN as well, I would need some PCOMP for automation and physical representation of the cuneiform (ideally automatic laser engraving into acrylic). 


One of my fields of interest at the moment is the blockchain protocol. I am looking for physical implementations regarding hashing/mining/proof of work - maybe this could be an angle for a PCOMP project.