This week I tried using  a javascript emotion-tracking library - generally with mixed results (not accurate and slow, maybe a processor issue or the camera resolution too low) in combination with a bonsai growing sketch (open in Safari, Chrome does not render this sketch properly) I worked on for the past couple of weeks. The idea was to trigger the growth of the digital bonsai not only with the amount of mouse-clicked water but with smiles. 

As the results for the facial-expressions tracking were mixed I decided to update my coffee ground -tarot interface with the possibility for the user to take a snapshot from the webcam stream and use the average brightness of this snapshot for "predicting" the horoscope via the API.

I redesigned the arrangement of the elements to make it better accessible from multiple devices but struggled to get it running on iOS 11 Safari - it asked for access to the camera but then only showed a black frame. I would like to fix this, as the direct camera access only makes sense from a mobile device - no user will use a laptop camera for taking images of coffee ground, the mobile camera instead makes more sense.