Digital Fabrication: Midterm Iterations on Healing, Honey and Felt

“In your backbone you feel a pointed something and it works its way up. The base of your spine is tingling, tingling, tingling, tingling. Then n|om makes your thoughts nothing in your head”

[Kxao ≠Oah - a healer from |Kae|kae area, quoted in Biesele, Katz & St Denis 1997:19]

(taken from JU|’HOANSI HEALING SONGS on NTS-radio)


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.28.37 AM.png

For our midterm in Digital Fabrication, we iterated on the idea of the swarm based behavior. After reading more about Joseph Beuys’ use of felt and honey in his fluxus-performances in the late 60s and the JU|’HOANSI tribe and their use of healing through dance, we shifted our focus to the idea of a healing ritual for the digital age.

We are thinking about making a piece that uses three components in an interactive installation:

  • an image in Base64 code on paper (used for image encoding on the web)

  • felt with a perforated structure

  • honey

As shown in the image above, a depiction of the artists in a waterfall-like silhouette made from Base64 encoding is printed on paper. This is the foundation of the sculpture that reflects ourselves that we want to heal. Above the paper is a layer of felt cut in strips and shaped in a web. It filters the honey dripping from above which acts as a part of the healing ritual: Beuys saw honey as a healing material as it is gathered by bees, which represented a “peaceful” entity.

A coincidence we found out while cutting felt with the laser: it smells like honey afterwards.