Machine Learning for the Web Class 1: Playing with tensorflow.js

For our first assignment I played with the exmples provided in the tensorflowjs-models git. I used the posenet-example to create a mini-skateboarding game for the browser:

The user has to jump to avoid the rocks that are coming along the way. And that’s it! I simply changed the color, strokes and dots of the skeleton and attached a few shapes between the two ankle-points (plus some minor canvas & font additions).

This construct does work somehow, as long as the light in the room is good. Still a lot of it is pretty rough, the error detection (board hits the rock) is not very accurate and needs audio-feedback, the rocks are only on one level of the canvas and there is no counter for points. But so far so good for some first browser-machine-learning.

I tried to deploy it on my server but got lost in ES6 vs Node errors. So for now just a video and ran locally.

For those wondering about the title: It is taken directly from an old NES game from 1988.

I had a lot of fun jumping around to test the game, I guess my neighbors downstairs were not really that amused … :