Understanding Networks: RESTful API and Controller

As outlined in the first blogpost, the assignment for our group was two-folded:

  • build an API & Server for our classmates Vidia and Lucas - they built an interactive limbo-stick after our specifications

  • build a physical controller for our classmates Simon and Keerthana - they built a dance-step projector

The assignment proved to be a great challenge, especially the coordination tasks that come with working as group with two other groups (that do the same) on two different projects over a longer period of time with no pre-defined work environment - but we finally succeeded!

Lucas and Vidia made a video for their limbo-stick machine, built after our API specs/deployed server.

And here a pic and code from the physical controller we built for Simon and Keerthana (and their dance machine): laser-cut/etched acrylic, lcd-screen, arduino mkr1000 wifi, potentiometers, bamboo box


And a little prototype video of the controller in action (controlling the node-based dance step controller built by Simon and Keerthana):