Project Random: Infinite Random Devotion

As an iteration on last weeks ideas I am thinking of not using the quote at all and let users listen to a rhythmic pattern (generated by random numbers that are measured by a geiger counter, a granite stone is the  source of radiation and random radioactive decay), and repeat it with a hammer on the same source of radiation - as if they were trying to influence the infinite randomness of the universe. Maybe humans can? Probably not. But we can still try like Camus' Sisyphus:

"The struggle itself [...] is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy" .

The rhythmic signal in the headphones gets recorded and played back automatically from speakers in the background of the installation. 

This setup would not need the the prediction of the quote by Emile Borel, it could serve as the title of the piece:

"Whatever the progress of human knowledge, there will always be room for ignorance, hence for chance and probability."

The process of generating the rhythmic pattern would be started the moment the users gaze at the granite (as a hint at the role of the observer of quantum processes). The duration of the rhythmic pattern would be determined by the first random number generated by the stone.  

Here an overview of the setup:


Technical setup:

  • Mighty-Ohm geiger counter
  • 2 x Raspberry Pi Zero W with phatDAC (for audio out to speakers and headphones)
  • speakers and headphones
  • NVIDIA Jetson Tx2 plus external camera for gaze detection