More C4D experiments for Randomness_Project

As I am currently looking for a digital translation of the physical interface of the random-project (stone and knocks with hand or hammer / solenoid as the "hammer of randomness") that might be part of the installation piece and create a more immersive space for the audience, I am exploring cinema4d shapes and materials to find the right fit for the  "devotional device" that the installation tries to create: the rhythm of the animation would be triggered by the particle decay inside the granite (and some gamma-particle noise probably caused by solar flare). The materials of the digital objects should remind of devotional objects: precious stones, gold and fur. These become animated and "alive" through true randomness.

And I am quickly realizing the relationship between computational power, render-time and animation/material complexity - it takes forever to render a short animation in high-res ....

Here a few more screenshots and animations:


(animation above based on mograph-tutorial)