Live_Web: Self Portrait Exercise

I used the video playback speed functionality in html to make the most out of a very short moment in time of my life - waking up in the morning a few days ago. The user can wake me up again and again, the moment is played back at random speeds and either extended or shortened and finally looped.


Here the code (including code sources that where used):

As part of our assignment we should as well look for interactive websites that offer live interactions to its users. I chose, an online radio-station with two live shows and the possibility to listen back to shows in an archive. The interesting interaction here is the live radio show that is broadcasted over the internet, users can interact with the hosts via all social networks, these interactions are then re-told/narrated/moderated by the show-hosts. This is a highly filtered interaction, as not every communication between user and show host will be re-broadcasted or commented on - but a very charming mix of the old-fashioned live radio show with social media.